Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Any Given Sunday

The pictures from last night just got posted. What were you even thinking taking glamor shots in the Wilson Commons’ 4th floor bathroom? You’re tired, you’re groggy, and it feels like there’s a locomotive rattling your temples. For breakfast it’s about time for a change of pace; babe, its obvious that those runny eggs at Danforth aren’t so good when it comes to quelling morning-after nausea.

So how about a plan B? Luckily, Mt. Hope Diner, located practically around the corner at 1511 Mount Hope Avenue is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from campus. The atmosphere is quaint comfortable: book exchange in the front, candy by the register, and bountiful cups of Joe (what a godsend.) Look to the m
enu for cheap consoling diner fare, plus the board tacks on an additional 10 specials each day, to liven up your palate /plate. With amicable wait-staff, the options are fairly customizable, butter on the side, hold the onions, add tomatoes. I personally have a soft spot for the cheese and broccoli omelet. Even better yet, Mt. Hope Diner is completely URO and WIFI compatible.

Although it may be no breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s exactly what you need.

Mt. Hope Diner is the RED featured business of the month.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Roses are Red

Violets are blue... yadda, yadda, yadda. This time of year all of the sugary sweet talk is enough to give you cavities. Feel free to forward Hallmark the dental bill. But, by now, no matter your facebook relationship status you should just accept that Valentine's Day will roll around and unless you are up for a mascara-running cry fest, you better make some plans.
Like a Big Pizza Pie, that's Amore
Obviously Sweethearts provide only so much sustenance, so that's why you should hit up some local eateries on V-Day with your significant other or fellow single minglers. Look towards Disney's Lady and the Tramp as proof that Italian cuisine is ooh la la romantic. Say buongiorno to Cibon, Portobello's Ristorante, and Mario's Italian Steakhouse. Dinner by candlelight is quixotic; love is in the air at Restaurant 2 Vine and Edibles.
With a Cherry on Top
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for dessert (like you need one.) Post dinner, indulge at Cheesy Eddie's and Simply Crepes. Don't worry about those love handles after all it is Valentine's Day.
Life is More than a Box of Chocolates
Face it sweetheart, you deserve something special and so does your one and only. Shop at Craft Company No. 6 and the Jewelry Exchange Outlet Boutique for gifts beyond your standard box of stale drugstore truffles.
Save the Date
Honey, get out there and experience the city with your lovey. I heard that Rochester is quite the aphrodisiac. Oh the places to go on Valentine's Day: the Cinema Theatre, the MAG, Color-Me Mine, the Little Theater, RPO, RockVentures, and Clover Lanes.
No Strings Attached
For the unattached, Valentine's Day is not designated for sulking, watching soaps, and binging on greasy leftovers. Instead, treat yourself to some pampering at Park Ave Salon, Healing Art, Meridian Massage Therapy.

Wherever your heart takes you, don't forget to stop in the name of love and fully appreciate the day.

All of the restaurants, shops, and services above supply RED discounts.