Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Girl 1: What are you going to be for Halloween? 
Girl 2: Sarah Palin
Girl 1: So, is that a pre or post Neiman Marcus Palin? 

Halloween looms like the shadow of a grave. It approaches with the bay of the werewolf and the cackle of the witch. It's an excuse for girls to dress like whores and for boys to dress like girls. Costumes are everything. Growing up, my parents never let me buy that prefab costume-in-a-bag, instead favoring creativity. Thus, each year my brother and I would assemble our own home-made award-winning killer costumes.

According to Stace and Clint, this year creative is in.  And  ABVI Goodwill at 376 Jefferson is your muse. As T.I. assures, "you can [be] whatever you like." In October, Goodwill transforms into a Halloween superstore of ghostly proportions. Up front there is the lot of all-inclusive costumes: the princess, the trophy wife, the grim reaper, the jester, the wizard, the cheerleader. In the back and off to the side are the accessories both spooky and regular: the glasses, the devil horns, the butterfly wings, the nuns' habits, the beaded bracelets, and bobby socks. Sift through the middle, the clothes: the wooly sweaters, puffy coats, jumpers, and jeans. Browse the back: the little bit of this and that, the house-wares, the books, the children's games and toys. You can throw it all together, voile, or brace yourself for the alternative, for the trick, and SMELL MY FEET! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now Hiring!

Everyone knows that when Paris Hilton coined "that's hot" it was in reference to Rochester Every Day. Yet, in spite of RED's  uber hotness, next semester I have other plans. I'll be traveling and immersing myself into a new language and culture. I'll be testing out new hot spots and cultural locales. 
Hot Stuff, however the point is that I am on the prowl for a new RED hottie: someone who loves to explore, to blog, to work independently, and to create. Consult the job board for more information or shoot me an email. 


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spice up your Life

By now I have tasted my share of cuisines. Dim Sum in China Town and homemade ravioli in Little Italy. I frequent aisles of Asian groceries and Russian markets. I let loose on avgolemono and dolmades. All in all I have eaten enough pho to know what's real. But, never have I ever eaten Ethiopian (that is until this past weekend.) 

Abyssinia situated on 80 University Avenue is a jewel of rich Ethiopian authenticity. The atmosphere gives off a relaxed vibe, conducive to conversation. Each order is poured over injera an absorbent sourdough, and you eat with your hands. It's flavorful, earthy, and oh so filling. Thankfully there are plenty of options for vegetarians and carnivores alike. Even when you take all of this into account, it's the spices that make the meal. 

Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, and Scary, "why don't you spice up your life?"