Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arigato means "Thank you"

"Welcome to Arigato," the friendly host greeted me and my friend, E. "We have an all-you-can-eat Sushi buffet and a hibachi menu." I looked at my friend and grinned. "Hibachi," we said simultaneously. Great minds think alike.
The food was cooked in an open Japanese-style BBQ in front of the patrons. Here, the chefs are not only responsible for tasty food, they also entertain the guests with humor. Here, playing with your food is not only encouraged, but also a part of your Arigato experience.
After a hard day of shopping, E and I enjoyed watching our food cook in front of us, with sizzling displays of fire (all under control). Our cook was hilarious and our food, once cooked, was delicious beyond words.
Seriously, how did I, who love food a little too much, just find out about this gem on W. Henrietta?
For a college student, however, it might be a bit pricey.
But the show, atmosphere and food made it well worth it.
And besides, who doesn't like hibachi or sushi?
A little something else I picked up, Arigato apparently will put the birthday girl or boy in traditional Japanese clothes. I've never worn Japanese clothing, but I definitely will next March!

RED hottie dos.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bagel Bin Cafe

I pulled into the parking space, feeling a load of pressure drop from my shoulders. I finally reached my destination.
For the past 30 minutes, I was traversing the in and outs of Monroe County, attempting to find Bagel Bin Cafe in order to pick up gift certificates for this month's Wilson Common Wednesday. I am notorious for easily getting lost and I breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped into this Cafe.
Immediately, I saw a busy crowd hanging around. Some were waiting for their coffee, others were sitting at tables, reading the paper or catching up with an old friend. I liked the serenity of this atmosphere--busy and noisy, but calming. From observing its clients, I noticed that Bagel Bin Cafe is sort of like a haven away from real life where one could relax.
I walked to the counter and asked for the manager. He greeted me politely, with a smile and after inquiring about my business, handed me an envelope containing the gift certificates. The process was smooth--the manager knew what he was doing and the staff looked friendly as they helped customers.
"Good job, Bagel Bin," I thought. I got back into my zipcar (zipcar, BTW, is another RED partner) and checked the time.
"Crap!" I have 10 minutes to get to campus and return my car. Let's hope I don't get lost on the way back.

Notorious R.E.D.