Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tea For Two and Two for Tea

Annie Hall: Oh really? Wel
l, [La-Tea-Da]!
Alvy Singer: [La-Tea-Da.] If I-if anyone had ever told me that I would be taking out a girl who used expressions like "[La-Tea-Da]"...
Annie Hall: Oh, Alvy, it's not an expression. It's the name of that tea parlor at 258 Alexander.

You dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s. You start your homework weeks before it's due. You are known for being conventional. Yet, on the weekends, every so often you step through the looking glass and into whimsy. Of course La-Tea-Da is your cup of tea. Located in an old Victorian, where each room contributes its own personality: there's the fair Lady Victoria's Parlour, the capricious Alice's party room, and the more comfortably domestic Prince Albert's Parlour. Take a seat before the mismatched tea sets and in your best British accent, ask the "nippie" for a spot of tea and a sandwich, soup, salad, pastry, or dessert. Bedeck yourself with a boa and hat in order to play the part. Although it's not necessary to BYOH (bring your own hat) it grants you a scrumptious dessert on the house. Dress in full Victorian garb, and automatically halve your bill.
Just let the leaves seep before you read or drink.
Use the RED discount for a free scone at brunch or lunch.

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