Friday, January 23, 2009

To Kill Two Birds with a Bowl of Noodles

"Rochester every day? What is that?" she asked, sounding slightly out of breath. Whoops. I called during rush hour. "We don't have Rochester every day, sorry." She hung up, leaving me to wonder if I had imagined the student discount the previous time I went to Aja Noodles. Fortunately, my phone had internet access, even if my buddy Sue B. didn't. I checked the RED website (that's for y'all) and found to my delight that Aja Noodles did indeed have a discount. I called up my friend "Michael" to grab some food off-campus in celebration of the end of finals. Aw man this interview rocks, I thought, I get to release stress by eating off campus to qualify for a sweet job that has "blogging" in the job description.
The food was delicious, as always. Michael and I ate, catching up with our lives. I subtly observed the other people eating in the RED-struant. They all looked happy with the food and service. Who wouldn't? The food was great and the service decent. As I was paying the check, I talked to the manager and asked her a few questions. Apparently, discounts apply for all college students, not just U of R students. And yes, SHE knew what RED was. So who was the employee who picked up the phone and didn't know what Rochester every day was? Maybe they just didn't know that it stood for the acronym RED? Thank goodness for the website! I don't think we students give enough credit to the people who make it possible for us to save money. And not just a little amount. It adds up. Think of all the students who have cars and go out to restaurants, or salons in the city, all under the RED program.
I pondered this thought and left.

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